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HyVest Ultra Matic - Detergent Powder

  • ₹ 155 ₹ 195

HyVest Ultra Matic - Detergent Powder

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Hyvest Ultra Matic detergent powder provides superior cleaning and stain removing properties keeping the clothes bright & fresh for long. It has optical brighteners for white and coloured clothes that gives a new life to clothes after every wash. Enriched with enzymes for tough food stain removal along with long lasting fresh fragrance.

  • Removes Tough Stains
  • Brighten Colored & White Clothes
  • Long Lasting Fresh Fragrance
  • With Oxygen Power


  • With Active Enzyme Technology for tough food stains
  • Fresh and long lasting fragrance
  • Optical Brighteners for both colored and white clothes
  • Oxygen power provides deep cleansing
  • Removes tough stains in one wash


  1. Wash the stain with plain water
  2. Use a small amount of Ultra Matic Detergent powder to make a paste
  3. Apply the paste using your fingers and cover the stain entirely
  4. Rub gently Soak if required
  5. Wash as usual

Net contents: 500 gm

Point Value
PV 4.31
Pack Size
Net Contents 500 gms

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