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Dear Distributor,

Thanks for visiting our website!

We are national level independent team of Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd. & this website (www.vestbuy.in) is meant to provide online business support to our team members who joined Vestige under the guidance of vestbuy team.

If you are already distributor from any team then please do not fill any form and do not purchase in this website. If you do so, then we will send the products only and we will not be responsible for BV/PV updates in your ID.

Please go to the company official web site www.myvestige.com for online purchase and other supports. You may also contact your Up line for support.

Due to lack of mechanism to verify your distributorship through our portal, we are currently not able to cater to your orders.

You can choose any of the following method to place your order.

1. Download the Vestige POS App. Download Mobile Vestige POS Android App Manual Guide.
2. Visit www.myvestige.com or www.veston.in to place your order.
Missed Call Services

Just give a missed call from your mobile number registered with us and get an SMS for the service requested.

08039118010 – to know your CURRENT MONTH BONUS (Service Available from 13th to month end)
08039118011 – to know your latest updated PV
08039118012 – to know your PASSWORD
08039118014 – to know your Monthly Schemes

Distributors can use each service 3 times only in 24 hours.

SMS Service Commands List

Use below codes to send message on 9664964444 from your registered mobile number with Vestige:-

PV: Point Value
BON: Bonus
MS: Re-purchase Scheme
MSC: Month Scheme Closing
PWD: Password
GVCH: Fast Start Rs.1000/
FVCH: Fast Start Rs.750/
BVCH MONTH: Bonus Voucher
HELP: Help

Eg :- VV BVCH MAR14 11223344 & send SMS to 9664964444
The SMS cost will be as per SMS pack provided by your service provider (may vary between free to Rs. 1.50/-)

We wish you every success in Vestige.

Wish you wellth,
VESTBuy.in Team

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