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Ayusante Products

Ayusante Products


“Perfectly imperfect” is the Nature’s design by the Creator. The entire universe is made perfectly with lot of imperfections and with a purpose. Where there is imperfection, the need for balancing arises. When this cycle breaks, it causes imbalance. This imbalance makes everything “imperfectly perfect”. We with our intelligence, we have been intervening in Creators design just to create abnormal imbalances. As a human being, we must accept the Nature’s design and the intelligence behind it to live a balanced life.

“Ayurveda” is the Instruction Manual transferred to our ancestors by the Supreme Intelligence on “How to live Human’s Life in balance with Nature”. Unfortunately, for the sake of modernization, we deviated ourselves towards imbalances forbidding the Nature’s Intelligence.

“Man asked to God to give him everything so that he might enjoy life”, for which God replied: “I have given you LIFE so that you might enjoy everything.”

LAW Vision

Living the Ayurvedic Way – “LAW”, in the midst of modernization, translates the footsteps of our Ayurvedic Ancestors to the most “User friendly Dhinacharyas” to facilitate the New and “Y” Gen across the Globe to Live Happy, Healthy and Harmonious Life abundantly. –

“Dhinacharya” = “Suffering the solution is always and far better than suffering the pain”.

LAW Mission

LAW – to build a global community where people live with abundance of 3Hs- Happiness, Health and Harmony. LAW with the integrated expertise from the veterans of Ayurveda and Yoga strive to provide the environment, education, formula through exclusive online and live seminars, practical class room sessions on Ayurveda and Yoga, necessary tools and proven ethno-botanicals to empower the entire Humanity to Live the “3H Life”.

Vestige Ayusante GLUCOHEALTH
₹ 680 ₹ 795

Vestige Ayusante GLUCOHEALTH Gluco Health a unique proprietary formulation, offers a comprehensive.....

Vestige Ayusante KIDNEYHEALTH
₹ 650 ₹ 760

Vestige Ayusante KIDNEYHEALTHVestige Ayusante KIDNEYHEALTH is a combination of Emblica officinalis.....

Vestige Ayusante LIVERHEALTH
₹ 655 ₹ 765

Vestige Ayusante LIVERHEALTHVestige Ayusante LIVERHEALTH is a combination of Swertia Chirata(Cirai.....

Vestige Ayusante PROCARD
₹ 820 ₹ 960

Vestige Ayusante PROCARD Procard is a unique powerful formulation of well-known cardio-tonic and .....

Vestige Ayusante RESPOCARE
₹ 625 ₹ 730

Vestige Ayusante RESPOCAREVestige Ayusante RESPOCARE is a combination of Dashmool Kwath, Solanum X.....

Vestige Ayusante TOXCLEANSE
₹ 705 ₹ 825

Vestige Ayusante TOXCLEANSE ToxClean is a unique powerful formulation of natural ingredients that .....

Vestige Ayusante VITAL COMPLEX
₹ 765 ₹ 895

Vestige Ayusante VITAL COMPLEXVital Complex is a combination of powerful natural antioxidants that.....

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