• Vestige Ayusante KIDNEYHEALTH

Vestige Ayusante KIDNEYHEALTH

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Vestige Ayusante KIDNEYHEALTH

Vestige Ayusante KIDNEYHEALTH is a combination of Emblica officinalis(Amla), Crataeva nurvala(Varun), Tribulus terrestris(Gokshur), Saxifraga ligulata wall(Pashanbheda), Tinospora cordifoilia(Giloe), Phyllanthus niruri(Bhumi amla), Swet parpati.

Vestige Ayusante RESPOCARE has the following advantages:

  • Considered as the stonebreaker.

  • The herb neutralises the enzyme responsible for stone formation and reduces the production of stone forming chemicals by the body.

  • Works as diuretic which makes it a good choice for body that has tendencies of fluid retention.

  • Contains important ingredients for treating stone in kidneys and urinary bladder.

  • It is a rejuvenator that enhances the healing process and immunity.

  • Interferes with the different stages of stone formation, reduces crystal aggregation and modifies their structure and composition.

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Net contents: - 60 Capsules | MRP Rs. 645.00/-

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