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  • Vestige Ayusante RESPOCARE

Vestige Ayusante RESPOCARE

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Vestige Ayusante RESPOCARE

Vestige Ayusante RESPOCARE is a combination of Dashmool Kwath, Solanum Xanthocarpum (Kankari), Tinospora cordifolia(Giloy), Adhatoda vasica(Vasaka), Ocimum sanctum(Tulsi), Piper longum (Pipali), Zingiber officinale (Sauth/Ginger) and Piper nigrum (Kali mirch).

Vestige Ayusante RESPOCARE is an ideal choice for respiratory problems as it has the following features.

  • For Cough and Asthma and for those with congested and weak lungs.

  • Bronchodilator effect as it helps in reduction in the bronchial mucosal edema and reductions in the secretions within the airway lumen.

  • Improves the immunity and prevents recurrent infections.

  • Tulsi is known to heal the problems associated with throat and chest.

  • It is the best herb used to treat common cold, flu and headaches.

  • Pipali is very effective in case of mucus and cold conditions

  • Ginger can minimize symptoms of the common cold and other respiratory conditions shows expectorant property.

  • Helps to break up the mucus.

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Net contents: - 60 Capsules

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