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Home Care

Hyvest comes from the core words Hygiene and Vestige. HYGENIUS SOLUTIONS  from VESTIGE. Home Hygiene promotes good health and overall wellness for your entire family


Your home hygiene assistant helps you to provide continuous protection of your loved ones against everyday illnesses.

Germs enter our homes, through people (who may have an infection or are carriers of germs), contaminated food, domestic animals, and sometimes through water or via air.

Good hygiene plays an important part in reducing the burden of infectious diseases in our homes and also prevents them from spreading.


  • Germs can be found everywhere.

  • They can survive on hard surfaces such as floors, doorknobs, handrails etc. for about 24 hours

  • On soft surfaces such as fabric furniture and beddings, they can survive for 20 – 30 minutes  

  • If the germs aren't allowed into the home, it is easier to protect your family

  • A clean home would prevent illness before it begins

  • It would also prevent the spread of disease if practiced on a day to day basis.


  • Maintaining cleanliness at home is not just a “do it and forget it” activity.

    •  It should be in the daily to-do list of every household for healthy living.

  • What to do to keeps germs at bay –

    • Clean the dust.

    • Keep flies away.

    • Remove garbage everyday.

    • Keep the bathroom clean and dry.

    • Allow sunlight into the rooms.

    • Ventilate the rooms.

    • Keep kitchen clean and hygienic at all times




  • Kitchen is the favourite ground for germs to grow

  • The items that require frequent cleaning in the kitchen:

    • Dishwashing sponge/scrub,

    • Cutting board,

    • Countertops,

    • Refrigerator,

    • Kitchen sink &

    • Kitchen towel.


  • It’s no surprise that the place where you scrub dirt and grim off your body holds a lot of germs.

  • Due to moisture build up, it is the perfect place for germs growth.

  • Spots that need special attention:

    • Shower tub,

    • Floor,

    • Drains,

    • Towels,

    • Taps &

    • Toothbrushes.


  • Dirty clothes left in the laundry bucket attract a lot of germs due to sweat, food stains, dirt and grime that feed the germs.

  • Wet laundry left in a machine can cause germs to flourish.


  • Remote controls, keyboards, phones, and tablets are often shared by everyone in the house

  • These surfaces also contribute to bacteria growth and proliferation.

  • A carpet can hold up to eight times its weight in dirt, dust and mites.


  • Handles, knobs, light switches are obvious places for germs.

  • Many studies have shown bacterial and virus growth on:

    • Bathroom light switches

    • Refrigerator handles

    • Door Knobs

    • Stove knobs

    • Microwave handles

  • Clean these spots once a week with sanitizing solution


  • One way of minimizing germs from spreading is keeping things clean.

  • Clean the dirtiest places in your home daily for healthy living.

  • Wash your hands often with a good antibacterial hand wash to ward of germs and avoid illness.

  • Keep hand sanitizers handy if soap is not available.

  • Take your shoes off before walking into the house.

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